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  • Egg Roll

    Originally, the egg roll was a snack in flakiness. With constant development, egg rolls nowadays are more crispy, and comes with various flavors and different packaging. Additionally, the egg roll with dried meat floss is exceptionally popular among egg rolls.
  • Almond Cake

    Developed from mung bean pastry, almond cake is mainly made of mung bean flour with some shredded almonds. Almond cake is the specialty of Zhongshan province city, and it is later introduced to other places such as Hong Kong and Macau. The almond cake made in Macau is more delicious and popular than that of other places since the Macau¡¯s almond cake retains the traditional feature of strong aroma, and better smoothness. Hence, the almond cake made in Macau is being more famous around and preferred as a gift to present.
  • Pastry

    Macau¡¯s traditional pastry are cinnamon cake, salty whirlpool, crisp shell, sesame-seed cake, and mini walnut cake. The combination of sweet wife cake and salty husband cake are also of the great Cantonese characteristics. Influenced by western baking technology, Macao¡¯s pastry is a integration of traditional and modern western baking skills, with the new regional features packing, leading to the distinct pastry.
  • Candy

    The featured candy in Macau are peanut candy and lard candy. The peanut candy is made of selected peanuts and hot syrup, stirred and flattened into small pieces. The lard candy has nothing to do with lard at all. It is actually made of starch and glucose syrup which are boiled at constant temperature for 5 hours and solidified. Tender and flexible, the lard candy now is one of the specialties for gift giving in Macau.
  • Jerky

    There are two types of jerky -- marinated jerky and umami jerky. People prefer the strong flavored snack. This kind of snack is made of meats with herbs and spices such as cinnamon, cloves, agastache leaves and fennel. These meat is then pickled and baked for dozens of hours, which makes the marinade being absorbed completely into the meat, leading to an endless aftertaste.

  • Preserved fruit

    In the past, children used to eat home-made sweet and sour fruits as snacks. These home-made fruits are gradually modified and then developed into the preserved fruits. The preserved fruits are fruits such as plums and ginger slices that are pickled with salt, vinegar, etc. It can take half an hour to have a full taste of a small piece of preserved fruits, which refreshes the one's mind with their sweetness and sourness. Last but not least, they can be packed into a small jar and are portable, making them trip-friendly.